Chalee founded Taste of Heaven Bakery fall of 2011. After careful tasting of various bakeries, Chalee felt that it was time to show the that great taste is what matters and then it’s the decorating. While Chalee does specialize in Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Tarts and Cakes, she also takes requests for your special event or to just satisfy your sweet tooth. You will see not only did you just eat a delicious piece of art, but you’ve also just experienced a Taste Of Heaven.

If you have a request or questions email: For all orders please email We hope you enjoy your Taste Of Heaven.

About the baker

$ 1.25 each

$45.00 (3 Dozen minimum order)

*can create specialty pops as well*

Classic:      $2.00 (each)

                  $25.00 (dozen)

Speciality:  $2.50 (each)

                  $30.00 (dozen)


(wedding, birthday, specialty)


We do everything from wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cake pops, tarts, rustic cupcakes, etc.

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